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Palekastro is ideal, not only for the people who search a place for relaxing, swimming,and spending time under the sun, but also for those who likes sports. Around the area you can ejoy your favorite sports like...



Bike Around Palekastro village


bike around palekastro



In the area you can cycle on specific routes which chosed by hoteliers club or in the area that you will choose, with your own bicycle, or by rent one from the local stores.






Windsurfing at Palekastro Village


windsurfing at palekastro

The area of palekastro is ideal for those who love the windsurfing sport, as in the area " plakopoules", during the period of summer, blows strong wind and that makes palekastro very famous to the windsurfers all around the world.

You can rent the propper equipment from the windsurfing club that works there.




Hikking Around Palekastro village


hikking at palekastro

The area of Palekastro offers to the visitor the pleasure to discover many places , of archeological and ecological interest, as is still in balance between, tourist development and nature .

The gorge of kato zakro the "valley of the Dead"

The gorge at "hohlakies" that leads you to an isolate beach by name" Karoumes"

The Path E4 that starts from Chania and end's at Kato Zakro

The coastline around the area that has many hidden beac to descover..

and many many more....




Swimming Around Palekastro village


swimming at palekastro


Everybody knows that the most importand reason that someone choose the island of crete for holidays in Greece, is to enjoy the endles sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, and the strong summer sun unique around Europe.Palekastro it can not be exception !!

the visitor can choose from crowd beach like Hiona. Bodalaki Itanos, cosmopolitan beach like kouremenos, Vai, too isolate beaches, Hohlakia, Psili Ammo, Tou Gero o Ammos where you can enjoy your bath only with sun oil !

Definitely one will seduce you in her arms!


Nudism Around Palekastro village


nudism at palekastro


Definitely a misunderstood activity by many people but yet so exciting for fans of the genre .. In the area there isolate beaches, even during the time that the area is crowded , for those who search little privacy and to get in direct contact with nature and swim only with sun lotion !

The only that you need to find those beaches is the right information from the right people !



Fishing Around Palekastro village


fishing at palekastro village


The area has many good sites for those who want to go fishing ..
angling, snorkeling, or any other way you like try your luck at your favorite hobby, with or without help of locals who will show you the best sites for this purpose