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palekastro village


The beautiful village at the eastern part of the island of Crete,in the perfecture of lasithi at sitias municipality ,one of the most peaceful and untouchable parts of Crete, free in a large extent from the tourist's industry activities , where people and nature continue living harmoniously!!




On eastern Crete and around Palekastro, the region's climate is characterized by mild winters with temperatures 8-25 degrees Celsius, from November to April and dry hot summer from May until October with temperatures of 20-40 degrees Celsius.
Unfortunately, from the climate change , the climate of the year is  reduced to two seasons..
7 months summer and  5 months winter.
at the summer winds blowing in 4-8 Beaufort.


Cretan Diet


cretan diet


On eastern Crete at Palekastro, diet based primarily in extra virgin olive oil produced in the region which is the best in the world proven by the awards have received in time, local product vegetables or animal and food that gives generously the nature itself such as greens in a large variety, mushrooms, snails, fresh fish, fruits etc. ..
Your diet and tastes beyond common will ensure the 10 local taverns and 5 fresh fish tavernas on the area of Kouremenos and Hiona .


Night life


stickyminds rock cafe cocktail bar palekastro


If you have not finished the day exhausted, and you love night life, we have everything you need to close a beautiful day ... from concert halls with various groups that comes at times, beach bar front of the beach of Kouremenos till Rock Bar to listening unforgettable melodies from the past together with AMAZING cocktails that will suprise you pleasently!










Palekastro Beaches


vai palm forest


The beaches of eastern Crete at Palekastro area is renowned throughout Europe for its crystal clear blue waters, golden sandy beaches, and the trees on the ridge above them. will briefly mention the beaches ....
Hiona, Plakopoules, Maridati, bontalaki, Vai, Itanos, Kato Zakros Karoumes..
Certainly one will entice you in her arms!


Palekastro Sightseens


hiona bodalaki beaches


The area of eastern Crete around Palekastro will compensate the visitors who decide to spend their holidays in the region, as there are many interesting places to visit.

will briefly mention a few ...
The monastery of Toplou
The palm forest of Vai
The gorge of the valley of the dead in Zakros
The cave with stalactites, stalagmites-at pelekita
The hiking path E4 from Chania leads to Kato Zakros and more ..


Archeological Sites


archeology of palekastro


The visitor of Palekastro has the oportunity to come close to the acient culture of minoan civilization , visiting archaeological sites like , Petras, Russo lakos Itanos, Kato Zakros .

And at the Archaeological Museum of Sitia will admire interesting finds from local excavations, such as gold and ivory statuette found in Russo lakkos,that is unique value antiques.



Apartments Sunrise  









Sunrise Apartments at Palekastro


At the eastern part on the island of crete at the village palekastro near palm forest of vai and the beach of kouremenos..


Here on this peacefull area ,at the place by name Helonaria, inside an olive field, we have build for you and your family, the accommodations ''Sunrise Apartments''


sunrise apartments logo


Based on the cretan tradition as we learned from our grand fathers and grand mothers,we offer to the visitor the real meaning of cretan hospitality !!


The proof of this are the handreds satisfy customers that have choosen the sunrise apartments for their accommodation in the area since 1997 that we build it,and many ccomments from them you will find on guestbook of the apartments and the blog of it..


sunrise apartments hospitality


The visitor of the apartments can have his own grapes,apricots,figs,pomegranades,apples, peaches and many others, always depends of the seasons , almost above of his head or just around, and plenty extra virgin olive oil for free as we are producers of it.


sunrise extra virgin  olive oil


Very friendly atmosphaire,quiet nature,garden with roses and trees,smile people,,raki,wine,end the best olive oil in the world .will makes you to leave behind all your problems of your ordinary life and relax as never before.



Unspoiled beaches, caves, gorges, mountains and the whole nature waits for you to explore it and give you tthe best impressions and memories you ever had from your holidays.


Palekastro, Helonaria, Sunrise Apartments, Stickyminds.

4 words synonymous to...hospitality, nature, relaxation, accommodation, sea, sun, beaches, swiming, windsurfing, nudism, tradition, archeology , minoan civilization, good food, fresh fish, wine. raki, ouzo, olive oil, smile people, amusement , cocktails, rock music, night life..

It's up to you to live the dream !!


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